Damien Bredberg has carved a reputation as one of Australia’s premium and most sought after professional photographers. Bredberg specialises in Advertising and Commercial photography, and has been producing international award winning images for over a decade.

With his team and a dedicated producer, they have a unique ability to conceptualise ideas, produce, and manage photography production projects from start-to-finish. Every brief is nurtured to its fullest potential, and delivered complete and ready for photography production.

Damien is renowned for his ability to impress his subjects and clients with his unique approach to extract stories, character and emotion. Above all, his ability to maintain a relaxed environment whilst keeping his subjects completely comfortable is a true testament to his professionalism.

How to choose the right photographer?

The decision should not be driven by price, rather by the style of the photographer’s folio. A photographer’s folio should represent your requirements and the style that you wish to deliver.

What to expect from a professional photographer?

Whatever the subject, whatever the medium, the professional photographer’s job is to make the client look good by creating powerful images. Being a professional commercial photographer means making the clients’ interests your own.

As well as having the creativity to visualise the concept, professional photographers must do the maths, understand the ever-changing technology, run the computers, and make the great images even better through digital manipulation.

Cameras are getting smarter, but cameras don’t take pictures, people do. And in photography as in any other field, professionals do it best.

"Damien is a talented and highly professional photographer in Brisbane whose social and humorous attitudes to life and work bring an extra level of comfort to a shoot. This not only brings out the best in the talent in front of the camera but helps push each creative concept far past expectation. We always look forward to working with Damien as we know he'll get the job done with complete professionalism."

− Mike Fritz - Art Director @ Clemenger BBDO

"“Damien Bredberg is one of those people who makes work a joy. His folio speaks for itself. Damien is also very easy to work with. He has a great professional manner that is both easy-going and expedient. And I believe it’s this combination that makes him successful. Damien is very skilled in all aspects of production and post-production across all styles of photography. However, the fact that he is so good with people (clients and talent), has made him a stand out people photographer; whether it be fashion, contemporary editorial portraiture, creating conceptually idiosyncratic characters or massively detailed ensemble performances. With Damien you know you’ll be happy with the result, and you’ll enjoy the journey along the way.”"

− Rem Bruijn– Creative Director @ Brain Heart

""I have used Damien's services for the past seven years for corporate, campaign and commercial work and - without exception - have been impressed his with photographic and post-production work every time. Sure he's multi-award winning with an enviable reputation - but perhaps the best aspect of Damien's work, for me, is his professionalism. He is prompt, accurate in quoting, understands how to interpret a brief - and always thinking about how to achieve the best outcome. You won't need to find another photographer. Ever.""

− Jason Olsson-Seeto – Director @ Meshlogic

"“Damien's work and ability to help manage a large and complex photo for a TV Series Poster was Excellent. All commented on the quality of his work after a recent USA Pitching Trip which showcased his work. Many thanks Damien; we look forward to working with you in future!”"

− Dean Pannell -- CEO / EP at Ebermedia Ltd